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Vision and Values

We want to make WUTH a truly great place to both receive care and as a place to work, our vision and values is a fundamental part of this. 

Recent months have seen a period of significant change and challenge, for us as an organisation and across the system and wider NHS. Despite all of this, colleagues have carried on with great professionalism and have continued to provide good compassionate care to our patients.

We are well on with our journey of improvement and making a clear commitment to engaging with and investing in the whole of our workforce to support them to lead and improve their services.

There has been a focus on our future road map and what our improvement journey needs to look like. WUTH is a great place and we need to be recognised as an organisation that has quality improvement and supporting all staff to deliver the very best care at its heart.

One of the key steps in moving successfully is to ‘bring to life’ our organisational vision and our core values.

Our vision is:

Underpinning our Vision are our Values and behaviours:

So we can deliver these Values we need to make sure we set ourselves some important behaviours and that they’re fully embedded into the organisation. Your feedback has helped shape our new behaviours. Each of which relate to one of our new Values:

Creating our Vision, Values and Behaviours has been a huge piece of work to undertake and it wouldn’t have been possible without the input of staff, patients and visitors. This feedback has been invaluable. 

Here’s a sample of some of the thousands of comments received when people were asked what Values and Behaviours they would like to see in the organisation:

“Being respectful to all”

“Working together to achieve goals”

“To be caring”

“Committed to quality”

“We need to have aspirations”

As you walk through our hospitals you will see our new Vision, Values and Behaviours on our walls and public areas. Your feedback has made it very clear that we must work better together if we’re to be the best organisation to work for and to deliver care. Our new Vision is also about how we work better together with our neighbouring health partners, our patients and of course the public.

This development of our new Vision, Values and Behaviours has been very much a joint effort.

Read more about our vision and values in our Strategy 2021-2026.